After the birth of her third child, Alexandra wanted to regain her figure. To do so, she tried a slimming treatment using suction cups. The massage was so effective that she decided to follow the whole course of treatment. Impressed by the results, Alexandra learned to perform the massage techniques.

Fuelled by her curiosity and her enthusiasm, Alexandra conducted further research and developed her own treatment protocol. In order to offer the best treatment, she created her own line of organic aromatherapy cosmetics. She eventually opened her own institute – the Plop Institute, as she had always been interested in nutrition and well-being.

At Plop we offer a complete and innovative slimming treatment, unique in Switzerland. Its objective: getting rid of cellulite with lasting results. Our tissue regenerating treatment can also be used to help strained muscles recover after a sport effort.

What is cellulite, this persistent fat mass that is so difficult to eliminate, despite intense sport activities and/or strict diets?

We start by gently waking up the sleeping fat cells with essential oils, the olfactory message of their tiny molecules helping to relax and let go. Then we massage the area with a suction cup. We start with a drainage massage to drain excess water from tissues, followed by a palpate-and-roll massage, carried out with the suction cup. The powerful suction helps to dislodge and massage the connective tissues, improving the vascularisation of the skin and muscle layers. It strengthens energy, blood and lymph flows, metabolic exchanges as well as the immune system. A mask is then applied to the area to increase skin microcirculation.

We only use 100% pure and natural, organically produced vegetable and essential oils. Special formulas have been developed, in collaboration with a naturopath/aromatherapist, exclusively for our treatment protocol.

Plop suction cups glasses are made by a local craftsman, to meet the specific requirements of the treatment.

The treatment will result in a diminished fat mass, the loss of centimeters, a boosted weight-loss process, reduced circulatory problems, a higher metabolism and a stimulated immune system, increased tonus and a regulated appetite, a boosted transit, tightened skin and blurred stretch marks and scars. The effects of the treatment last about six months.

Ideally, the treatment should be considered as a cure, and as such we recommend undergoing two sessions per week. The total number of sessions will be estimated during the first appointment.

When we consume more calories than we burn, our body stocks up calories, which is a perfectly natural process.

However, this process is influenced by other factors, in particular hormonal changes. The first upheaval comes with puberty and it is usually at that time that cellulite appears for the first time. Birth control, pregnancy and menopause are the source of other major hormonal changes. Stress, tiredness, a sedentary lifestyle, circulatory problems, high heels, tight clothing, alcohol, tobacco or not drinking enough water are also determining factors, aggravated by genetic predispositions. In short, 85% of women say they suffer from cellulite.

Cellulite develops gradually over a few years. As fat cells grow in size, the cell membrane gets inflamed and the body tries to isolate this inflammation by separating each cell. This process is called fibrosis. As fat cells, which require very little oxygen, are isolated by fibrosis, micro-circulation slows down, and the area turns cool to the touch.

In short, cellulite is a fat mass that has accumulated over time and has devascularised. The fat mass turns into a cooler area and nothing can get into the cells anymore. It is as if the ladder to an attic had disappeared.

The Plop treatment protocol restores exchanges between the body and this cooler area, burning the stored energy. To take up the image of the attic again, it is as if the ladder has been found and the attic can now be emptied.

# 2 areas - 60 minutes

(belly and thighs)


(if subscription for 6 sessions, CHF 120.- per session)

# 3 areas - 90 minutes

(belly, thighs, inner thighs or calf or arm or other)


(if subscription for 6 sessions, CHF 150.- per session)

# Cancellation is free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment.
In case of no show or late cancellation, you will be charged 50% of the price.


As effective as the Plop slimming treatment may be, one can achieve even better results with a balanced and reasoned diet, regular sport activities and a positive and motivated state of mind.

On request, nutritional, naturopathic and reflexology support can be provided during and after the treatment.

Contraindications : Phlebitis, varicose veins, pregnancy.

We are pleased to welcome you in our relaxing environment, by appointment only.


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